Critical Essays

Umetnik i njegovo deloAndrić wrote a number of essays, reviews and articles which were scattered through various newspapers and periodical. They were collected since writer’s death, in three books of essays, “The Artist and His Work”, “History and legend”, and “Paths, Faces, Landscapes”.

These writings cover a wide variety of subject matter, reflecting many aspects of twentieth-century cultural life, particularly of Yugoslav writers, Vuk Karadžić, Petar Petrović Njegoš, Petar Kočić, Antun Gustav Matoš, Simo Matavulj, but including also essays on Goya, Chopin, Heine, Gorky, Whitman. They fall into three main categories: short reviews of individual works, analyses of specific aspects of a writer’s work, written often on the occasion of and anniversary or other celebration, and longer essays springing from Andrić's particular interests.